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That Is Why Games Matter

Small side note at the beginning: While this blog was exclusive German in the past, I have decided to write this comment in English to make it accessible to a broader audience, since its topic is important to me.


When one is thinking about video games it is likely that you are imaging kids or teenagers, very likely even just boys (because, well, sexism is everywhere) playing some kind of action game, while sitting at home and wasting time, which they could spend on some social activities in the so called „real life“ with „real friends“. Whatever that means.

This is my point of view why video games matter and why they can have a positive impact on the life of people from all walks of life, despite the opinion of many. While explaining my position I will concentrate on the factors, which are unexpected for the majority of people.


Take It Easy

Let’s start with the most obvious point: Playing games is fun. You expected that, right? Yet, what does it really mean?

It means that stressed out people, ill people and anyone else, who just need a good laugh sometimes, get the possibility to just forget their trouble for a while and clear their minds. It is uplifting. It is refreshing, since it interrupts your everydays routines. It can be action, uninfluenced by ones current or permanent physical states. It can inspire you to new point of views and approaches. And so much more.

The very successful series House Of Cards did an excellent job in busting some expectations. The main character, a high profiled politician, is playing regularly video games in his spare time to calm down. Not really stereotypical for a politician, is it? Yes, it is a fictional series, but the point is valid. Games are for everyone.


Google Search With Long Run Consequences

I said at the beginning of the post that this topic is really important to me. That is because I have spent a lot of time in the last years with games – not just on the consuming end.

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